About Design by Gryffyn's Webspinner

R. LynnMy name is R. Lynn Shell and I began designing websites in 1995 when I first saw various kennel websites online and wanted to get my dogs and dreams up for other dog fanciers to see.

The "Gryffyn" in "Design by Gryffyn" comes down from my kennel name (Gryffyn's Aeyrie) and the "gryffyn" moniker comes from a time when I would login to local dial-up bulletin board systems before I got an ISP.

After assisting a few friends in getting websites online, I volunteered to handle creating and maintaining some websites on a volunteer basis for various local dog clubs. I am self-taught, having begun by purchasing FrontPage software and throwing myself into learning it. I began to expand my design and coding skills every chance I got, taking courses in HTML (to learn the theory behind the WYSIWYG), CSS, Photoshop, Flash, Fireworks, and Search Engine Optimization and also switched to designing websites with the webdesign industry standard, Dreamweaver.

I spent almost 9 years working for a state university as a webdesigner, learning even more about collaboration within a group and web management.

Over the years my webdesign hobby has expanded to hiring out to create online presences for a variety of people and organizations - Design by Gryffyn came to be. My goal in design to create a website that maintains a balance between eyecatching design and usability - the most "wow" site you see will have less impact if it is hard for a visitor to utilize and navigate. After all, once they find your site, you would want them to stay a while and offer them a positive online experience that they will remember, so that they may come back again.

Lynn with borzoi Nikki and Nigel

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