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Featured Websites

Gryffyn's Aeyrie websiteThese websites are my "babies" - they are what I "cut my teeth on" while learning the various ins and outs of webdesign and tend to go through re-designs after I've learned an abundance of new things.

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Kennel Websites

Phoenixx Borzoi websiteI started creating websites for other dog breeders by developing designs for those that I had dogs from (or down from) or had worked with in my own breeding program. This gave me the ability to learn even further and experiment with different designs. Later I began receiving requests to create websites for other kennels, hence the beginning of my contracting services.

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Club Websites

BCOA website When looking for new experiences in my early design years, I did quite a bit of volunteer work for various kennel and dog club websites. I still maintain several to this day, as well as handling the maintenance for a large AKC-licensed kennel club in the Pacific Northwest.

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Small Business Websites

small business website - helpwithstatistics.comI also handle webdesign for small businesses. Working on business sites has allowed me to experiment with Web 2.0 style and further expand my webdesign repertoire.

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Portal Websites

Texas Dogs Online websiteMy venture into portal-type websites began when I decided to share much of the information I would collect on Borzoi, including pedigrees, with the rest of the Borzoi fancy. Since then there have been a few others offering more opportunity to experiment with and create other designs and techniques.

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Niche Websites

Much Mucha niche websiteA "niche site" is a site that is targeted to a particular topic or resource and usually monetized through Google's Adsense program or other affiliate marketing.

I began exploring niche websites to experiment with various design layouts with CSS and it has also generated a bit of passive income.

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Websites Currently in Production

Much Mucha niche websiteThese websites are currently in production and have not yet gone live on the internet. They have had a design comp completed and posted to this area of our webdesign portfolio.

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