Featured Sites

Gryffyn's Aeyrie Borzoi and Silken Windhounds

Gryffyn's Aeyrie Borzoi and Silken Windhounds - dog breeder website designMy personal kennel web site featuring our dogs which we share our lives with every day. In addition to being cherished members of our family, they compete in conformation showing, lure coursing and racing events, as well as the constant guarding of couches and beds to make sure they stay right where they're at. A completely new redesign featuring a CSS table-free layout for the main template. Also implemented are a CGI guestbook, online photo albums, calendar, PHP form processing (for contacting us) and a blogging program used for posting recent news.

Borzoi Central

An information portal for Borzoi enthusiasts. It features an event calendar where folks can post Borzoi-related events; a bulletin board for discussing various aspects of the breed as well as post dogs or items available for sale (or wanted); electronic postcards featuring Borzoi artworks; a judge rating database; breeder link exchange and an online pedigree database where one can search pedigrees of over 20,000 dogs or submit their Borzoi's pedigree.

Currently undergoing a redesign

Lone Star Borzoi Club

Lone Star Borzoi Club - Wordpress websiteThe inaugural dog club site hit the WWW in 1998 (when I helped co-found the club) and has gone through a couple redesigns, the most recent in 2012, when it was populated into a Wordpress CMS.

silken windhound breeder website design in WordpressAn abbreviated site for our Silken Windhounds. Just an excuse to play with a new design in Wordpress!

Texas Borzoi

Texas Borzoi - satellite site for Gryffyn's Aeyrie BorzoiA satellite site for one of my featured sites, Gryffyn's Aeyrie Borzoi. Features a tableless CSS layout, JQuery slider with a CSS dropdown for content.