Our Latest Webdesigns

Statistics Tutors website redesign A redesign of a long-established website featuring professionals available for statistics consulting as well as services for statistics dissertations and theses. The look has been greatly modernized with this update. Currently handling maintenance and updates, along with the site owner.


Borzoi Club of America

Borzoi Club of America website redesignThis site for the AKC Parent Club for Borzoi had its new design released in mid-2013. It provides information on the Borzoi breed, events around the nation, disaster preparedness, as well as being a repository for club minutes. It utilizes a grid system for the layout and is being given a cleaner, more modern look.

Book Editing Associates

Book Editing Associates website redesign A redesign and reorganization of a long-established website featuring a collection of freelance book editors, proofreaders, ghostwriters and more. The design will greatly update and modernize the website's appearance and style.


Lone Star Borzoi Club

Lone Star Borzoi Club website redesign with WordpressThe inaugural dog club site hit the WWW in 1998 (when I helped co-found the club) and has gone through a couple redesigns, the most recent in 2012, when it was populated into a Wordpress CMS.


Borzoi of Gryffyn's Aeyrie

Borzoi of Gryffyn's Aeyrie websiteSubsite for Gryffyn's Aeyrie Borzoi, highlighting its prominent dogs from the show ring and performance field.

silken windhound breeder website design in WordpressAn abbreviated site for our Silken Windhounds. Just an excuse to play with a new design in Wordpress!