Portal Sites

Borzoi Central

An information portal for Borzoi entusiasts. It features an event calendar where folks can post Borzoi-related events; a bulletin board for discussing various aspects of the breed as well as post dogs or items available for sale (or wanted); electronic postcards featuring Borzoi artworks; a judge rating database; breeder link exchange and an online pedigree database where one can search pedigrees of over 20,000 dogs or submit their Borzoi's pedigree.

Texas Dogs Online

Information portal for Texas dog fanciers. Lists various dog clubs and rescues; event calendar; breeder listings. Currently the site is at something of a standstill due to time constraints and a reconsideration of the direction I wish to take it.

I decided to start offering web-hosting services and ended up using this domain as something of a "placeholder". It serves as an entry port to several sites, including this design services site, as well as a place for me to install and delve into various open source scripts in order to learn how to utilize them.

All Things Dog

A DMOZ-style link directory for dog sites utilizing PHP and MySQL.