Wordpress CMS Websites

Lone Star Borzoi Club

Lone Star Borzoi Club website redesign with WordpressThe inaugural dog club site hit the WWW in 1998 (when I helped co-found the club) and has gone through a couple redesigns, the most recent in 2012, when it was populated into a Wordpress CMS.

silken windhound breeder website design in WordpressAn abbreviated site for our Silken Windhounds. Just an excuse to play with a new design in Wordpress!

Gryffyn's Aeyrie Borzoi and Silken Windhounds - Show News Blog

Wordpress blog websiteDog show news and performance event news and results are posted in this dog breeder's website news blog. Features two sliders on the home page, one of them featuring excerpts from the blog posts.

Gazehounds in Texas (GIT)

Gazehoundsin TexasWebsite for a local north Texas racing and coursing club for Sighthounds.


Gryffyn's Garden

Gryffyn's Garden gardening blogGardening blog using Wordpress as its CMS. Features anecdotes about novice gardening attempts and has a multitude of photos.

Plans to move to its own domain

Book Editing Associates II

Book Editing Associates wordpress site New and abbreviated site for Book Editing Associates (see below). Built in Wordpress, it lists editors and their areas of expertise, along with select testimonials.